Senior Wellness Centers

Senior wellness centers offer a wide range of support services and activities that also contribute to the overall health and well-being of older adults.  Open to all seniors over 60, these services include: a Nurse-Managed Health Clinic, ESL and Citizenship classes, exercise classes, fall prevention classes, legal services, and the weekly Brown Bag free grocery program.   In addition to the wellness services, qualified seniors can also receive behavioral health services in the same place that they attend for a nourishing meal and socialization activities.

At our seniors wellness centers, we nourish the whole person: many of the seniors live alone without family or friends nearby, or due to language and economic barriers, live on the margins of society.  At the Center, they find a home away from home, along with healthy meals served with compassion and caring, and a range of other services to address their needs. The seniors experience both community and sustenance at John XXIII, where the gospel values of feeding the hungry and welcoming the stranger are played out on a daily basis.

Food Services

The Senior Nutrition Program serves hot, nutritious meals to seniors (age 60+) five days a week in a social environment at our two senior wellness centers Monday – Friday 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.  The meals are fresh, appealing, culturally based, and professionally designed for maximum nutritional value (each meal is based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s New Food Pyramid, 2005).  The menu, pre-approved by a County nutritionist, meets 1/3 of the recommended daily nutritional requirements for seniors, thereby contributing to their health and well-being.  Every year the program provides over 63,000 hot, nutritious lunches to almost 2000 underemployed low-income seniors (approximately 150 seniors/day).

Long Term Care Ombudsman

Ombudsmen are advocates for people living in nursing and residential care homes. We speak up for frail, elderly, chronically ill, isolated, disabled, or otherwise at-risk long-term care residents. The program promotes the rights and well-being of residents in long-term care facilities in Santa Clara County and provides residents with a means by which their complaints can be heard and resolved. Our services include: Complaint investigation and advocacy; Receipt of and response to elder and dependent adult abuse reports for residents of nursing homes and other elderly adult residential facilities; Witnessing of Advanced Health Care Directives for residents of nursing homes; and information for public regarding long-term care facilities.

Behavioral Health

Golden Gateway delivers in-home services to older adults 60+ years with depression and other behavioral health disorders. Services include: In-home Assessment; Case Management; Treatment including medication management and counseling; Education for providers working with seniors with Behavioral Health problems; Support to older adults and training to their family and community caregivers.


Our Handicapables program brings together adults and older adults with disabilities who share common interests and concerns. The program meets twice a month for socialization, educational programs, and community outings & events.

Kinship Services

A kinship care arrangement is when children are living full time with their grandparents, other relatives, or near relatives such as godparents or family friends, and these adults have taken on the parental role for the children. Our Kinship Services support families in Santa Clara County formed through this type of living arrangement when there is no biological parent in the home or the parent/s has a physical or mental illness. For most relatives, suddenly becoming a caregiver can be an overwhelming responsibility.

The following services are provided free of charge to strengthen support systems to help relative caregivers preserve the family unit and keep children with their relatives: Monthly support groups & educational workshops – One on One support – Education on the behavior of children/youth – Resources and Information – Assistance navigating the Juvenile Dependency System – Guardianship Assistance – Fun family recreational activities.

Aging University

Aging University is a yearly series of workshops, seminars, and convening working towards community synchronization in providing solutions to evolving senior concerns. Designed to both learn from experts in the field and serve as a focus group of various constituencies to inform policy that can lead to legislation, AU is a platform to coordinate solutions to community concerns and highlight innovative efforts to support healthy aging.

Aging University’s Goals:

  • Create awareness of the current and emerging needs of seniors
  • Generate unique conversations that draw links between parallel efforts to generate solutions
  • Support and highlight local efforts aimed at addressing older adult needs and health
  • Support and inform policy and actions that can promote the community coordination and preparation for the evolving needs of the aging population
  • Educate and promote available resources and services that can serve and meet current needs of the aging population
  • Facilitate the preparations of those who are not yet seniors to think about preparing for aging

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