Our professional Senior Care Specialists can provide support to your family in organizing the everyday tasks that a working family member may not have the time for. Let us prepare you to manage your loved one’s care! Our professional staff can work around your schedule to provide you with the support you need with our Santa Clara County concierge care services. The following services are available by phone and electronically to ensure that your elder care needs are managed:

  • Scheduling, coordinating, and accompanying to medical and social appointments (Doctors, Specialists, dinner reservations)
  • Providing on-hand medical files with documentation and histories to share with medical professionals
  • Scheduling and coordinating care (with our professionals or your personal and family contacts)
  • Providing transportation to appointments (social and medical)
  • Coordinate, order, and pick-up prescriptions from pharmacies
  • Online or in-person grocery shopping
  • In person wellness assistance companionship, homemaking assistance, personal care
  • Complimentary over-the-phone wellness check-in’s when care professionals are not scheduled for in person assistance. (Calls to loved ones to provide monitoring, verbal cuing, nutrition assistance, medication reminders).
  • In-person socialization
  • Email updates on progress of care and appointment details
  • Access to TENDING Platform — an online resource for clients to check on progress notes, assign tasks to family, and communicate with the Day Break Cares team on your own schedule — 24 hours a day.
  • Access to Elder Care Line

Don’t hesitate if you need one; hire a medical concierge in Santa Clara County today. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the service.