Just because you are entering the twilight of your years, doesn’t mean you have any less living to do. Many people think being old and sedentary are synonymous, but that is not the case. Many seniors out there are reaping the rewards of an active lifestyle. While there can certainly be obstacles to certain activities, there’s a big wide world of fun things to explore. Here at Day Break Cares, that’s exactly what we would like to help you do; to that end, here is a short list of benefits of active lifestyles for the elderly.

Boost Your Immune System:

While you probably want to avoid exercise WHEN you are sick, regular exercise in a healthy individual boosts the immune system. People who are regularly active tend to recover quicker from illness. It can even add years to your life! And the great part is, it’s never too late to start exercising and reap the rewards. We offer many low intensity exercise options to get you started on your journey to an active lifestyle.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

Any kind of cardio exercise is good for both your heart and your lungs. For the elderly, this is extremely important; many seniors suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), which wreaks havoc on the heart. Regular cardio exercise can lower blood pressure, minimizing one of the serious dangers many elderly people face daily.

Helps Fight Osteoporosis:

As you get older, you start to lose your bone density; this is even more prevalent in women than men. Luckily, regular exercise helps prevent a loss of bone mass. Strength training activities are best if you want to reap this particular benefit. For elders, starting slow is probably best. You could start with one of our fun water volleyball games!


Helps Fight Some Major Illnesses:

The older you get, the more likely it is you’re going to develop a major illness like colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease. While nothing can completely ensure your chances of avoiding these illnesses, regular exercise has been shown to mitigate the risk of their development. Even the risks of developing less severe illnesses, such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis and high cholesterol can be mitigated with an active, healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Stomach Function:

You probably know that regular exercise improves your metabolism, but the benefits go far beyond staying skinny. It also increases gastrointestinal tract function, improving your digestive health.

Here at Day Break Cares adult day care center, we try to do our part to promote healthy lifestyles with seniors; we have many adult day services to keep you  active and healthy for years to come. With three different locations in the state of California, you can choose the one most convenient for you. We also offer a free health assessment, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of that! If you have any more questions regarding our locations, staff or services, please give one of our knowledgeable, friendly representatives a call; they will be happy to provide any answers that they can.