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In the Lyrics: “Little Talks”

Most musicians who write their own music tend to write lyrics that can be interpreted in various ways. This way, their fans or potential fans can attribute their own emotions or thoughts to the words and essentially have their own special connection with the song.


This is the case with the Icelandic folk group, Of Monsters and Men’s, new song “Little Talks.”


Of Monsters and Men’s Lead Singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir talks about the song in Interview Magazine:


“Sometimes we haven’t wanted to give too much away. We like people to read their own things in the lyrics. I guess I could share it. It’s about a couple and the husband passed away and it’s from the conversation between the two of them. We don’t know if she’s going crazy or if someone’s actually there. We’ve kind of been inspired by people that lived in my house. This old couple that lived there for 30 years. The woman passed away, so it was kind of different.”


Other website reviews, as well as a few of us here at Day Break Cares, feel that the lyrics could also describe a husband taking care of his wife who has Alzheimer’s Disease.


We think the lyrics are beautiful, and the video cinematography is unique. Maybe this song will become a new favorite of yours as well.


Please let us know what you think, and how you interpret the lyrics. Does this song remind you of your parents or grandparents, and the situations they experienced (or are experiencing) during the aging process?


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