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Today, April 20th, is what has evolved into a counterculture holiday in North America – essentially a day to celebrate the use or consumption of cannabis. The date, 4/20 refers to a term that those that participate in the use of cannabis (whether recreational or medicinal.) You can read more about “420” on Wikipedia if you’re curious about its origins.


Politics and personal opinions we may have, aside, there is scientific research and results behind the medicinal use of marijuana and how it may help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (among other diseases and ailments.)


If you’d like to get super-scientific, here is an article from The Journal of Neuroscience that goes into very scientific (jargon alert!) detail: Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology by Cannabinoids: Neuroprotection Mediated by Blockade of Microglial Activation.


Also, from April 26-28, Patients Out of Time will host its seventh educational conference on the medical benefits of therapeutic cannabis. On Saturday, April 28th, “the conference will focus on cannabinoids and their effectiveness in treating cancer, including breast cancer and glioma cell cancer (which most often occurs in the brain and spine), and skin cancer. Speakers will also discuss their work using cannabis therapeutics to treat post traumatic stress (PTS(d)) and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and how it may prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.”


If you’d like to attend, virtually, you can via Pay-Per-View and Ustream (info here) OR you can follow event highlights via Twitter by following the account @DOOBONS.


A quote from the article, “Medical Marijuana for Alzheimer’s Treatment and Anticipation“:

“Because oxidative anxiety is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers have long hoped to develop or discover a substance that can be addressed and fight degenerative effects of oxidative anxiety in the human brain. Cannabidiol showed a significant reduction of oxidative stress and a wide range of pharmacological effects of high therapeutic value for the medical community, particularly in the treatment and avoidance of Alzheimer’s disease.”


Day Break Cares does not have an official opinion in the matter, we do however, encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions on the topic.

Claire Wagner said on April 25, 2012:

Really interesting. When I was young, the wife of my dad’s best friend suffered greatly from rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor recommended marijuana though at that time he could not prescribe it – my dad’s friend had to go buy it on the street illegally. It really helped calm her and helped her deal with the anxiety caused by pain and being bound in a wheelchair. We all felt so sorry for her and were just glad that something could comfort her a little.

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